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Anabelle, nounous à Parla

  • Age : 28 ans
  • Expérience : 3 ans d'expériences

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Im Anabelle

I have Spanish and Venezuelan nationality.
I speak Spanish and English.
I am certified in CPR in New York.
I am a babysitter, violinist, and violin teacher.
I have a lot of experience working with babies and children as a babysitter and also as a teacher.
I also have experience working with children with cancer and children with special needs.

I started playing violin very young and I think that influenced my personality a lot.
I am very disciplined, perfectionist, punctual and honest.
But I also consider that I am a sensitive, loving, affectionate, funny, very protective person and I love harmony.

At a very young age started my work as a music teacher in a children's hospital, I was specifically a music teacher for children with cancer.
A few years ago I emigrated from my country and started all my wonderful experience working as a nanny and I love it !!!
I have experience as a nanny and as an Au Pair in New York City,

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  • Enfants handicapés
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  • Langue Maternelle : Espagnol
  • Autre langue : Anglais
  • Diplomé : Non
  • Expérience : 3 ans d'expériences
  • Enfants gardés : 0 - 6 mois 6 - 24 mois 24 - 72 mois +72 mois
  • Salaire : 20 € / h


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